The Many Hopes Justice Framework is a template for sustainable, replicable justice globally. It combines the three imperatives of Rescue, Educate and Advocate to raise local children to solve the problems that charity alone cannot. Each site goes deep in one community at once with:

Four girls homes. Each floor is is a separate family unit with 15 girls of mixed ages and one house mother. Each has a kitchen and living room so our girls feel like what they are: children in a home and not orphans in an institution. House mothers live in the homes with the girls. We provide private onsite housing for other staff who desire it because we believe in looking after the people who serve our vision so sacrificially. Providing clean and safe water for those around us has made sure we are an integral part of the local community and not just a home for the ‘lucky ones’. We provide the children emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical healing. This field is for fun, exercise and the daily Tae Kwon Do lessons on school holidays. House mothers live in the homes with the girls. We provide private onsite housing for other staff who desire it because we believe in looking after the people who serve our vision so sacrificially. George the accountant, Alice our child rights lawyer, and Catherine our child psychologist do their magic from here. With Anthony right next door. We commit to every project being self-sustaining within 10 years. Our fish farm provides protein rich food for the children and generates profit from sales to those around us. To stretch every donated pound and dollar we grow our own fruit and vegetables and keep cows for milk and turkeys for, well, turkey. 100% cooking fuel we use is produced by collecting waste from our cows, turning it into biogas in an underground tank, and then using the byproducts as fertilizer for the farm. Guess what we do here? Trained guard dogs live here during the day, and look after the site at night when we are asleep.



Mudzini Kwetu is our first four girls’ homes in Mtwapa, Kenya. Our homes are designed to make girls feel like what they are: members of a family, not orphans in an institution. Each family home has four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, housemother and family of mixed-age girls. This is their home and their family until they choose to leave and make their own lives.


(to be completed in 2018)

Raising boys to be men who not only do not abuse girls and women but actively stand against abuse is one of the greatest accelerators we will have for the rights of girls around us. Our four boys' homes will house abused and abandoned boys and raise them to be justice-minded men of character.

EDUCATE: A School Like No Other

(Opening January 2018)

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Our first elementary school will have a capacity of 900, plus pre-school, and a high-quality curriculum that will take from the best in the US, UK and Kenya. This is not a ‘charity school’ but a school that you would send your children to. It will educate children from poverty and privilege together so it is doubly sustainable:

I) Financially: Fee-paying students ensure the school not only funds itself but generates revenue to fund the next.
II) Philosophically: Children who would never otherwise meet grow up understanding each other’s realities and become networks of adults with an imagination for justice and the tools to act on it.

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ADVOCATE: The Young Justice Center

Children are abused around us because laws intended to protect them are:
1. Not effective
2. Not enforced

The Young Justice Center will be built to house and fund our team of child rights lawyers and researchers advancing the well-being of children through the law. It will work in three areas:
Public Interest Litigation – Prosecuting landmark cases that will affect every child in the country

Policy Research and Analysis – Examining why laws don’t work and making recommendations based on research and international case studies

Nurturing Future Advocates – Teaching children to know their rights, know when those rights have been abused, and how to access justice for themselves and others

The Young Justice Center is named for Bradden Hamilton Young: our friend and colleague who lived for Justice.

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