Many Hopes was founded in 2009 by British journalist Thomas Keown and Kenyan journalist Anthony Mulongo. Originally launched as One Home Many Hopes it has grown into a global community of local staff, volunteers, sponsors and investors.

Our Vision

Many Hopes is a long-term strategic solution to the corruption and poverty that exploits the most vulnerable girls and boys. When the poorest children in the world have education and confidence and network they will be free from governments that exploit them and free to make their own choices. They will not need charity.

They will be the solution to the poverty and corruption that hurts their country and exploited them. If we stand with them now.

Our Attitude

Many Hopes staff, donors and volunteers are bold, aspirational and relentless. We know real impact takes time and we are committed to it. We will show you childhoods redeemed, young girls excelling in school, and young women desiring and able to defeat the causes of what they endured. And we will invite you into the joy of partnering with them as they fulfill their potential.

It’s a long and patient road. Join us and make it shorter.

Our Promise

Give 100%

100% of your investment (unless you select otherwise) will go directly to mission. Email us to find out how we fund our fundraising and administrative costs, or to the join ‘The Foundation’ and be part of this special group.

Be sustainable

We set out promising to be be fully self-sustaining within 10 years. Our revenue generating school will see us achieve this goal by 2019. If you help us get there now.

Our Executive Team

Anthony Mulongo


Anthony Mulongo was selected by the Kenyan government as one of the brightest students of his generation and fast-tracked into an intensive journalism course where a lucrative career in broadcasting beckoned.

His plans and his heart changed when he encountered a group of children surviving on the streets of Mombasa.

One 6-year old girl, Gift, had lost her mother to AIDS and, with her 10-month old brother strapped to her back, scavenged the dumps for food – not realizing that the little one was already dead. Anthony took her into his home, enrolled her in school, and raised her as his own.

More girls followed and this gave birth to our first home known as Mudzini Kwetu. After sacrificing his career as a journalist Anthony was recruited to open the International Justice Mission (IJM) office in Kenya, before devoting himself fulltime to Mudzini Kwetu.

He has since founded a network uniting child welfare organizations in coastal Kenya. Anthony manages our housing and schooling operations in Kenya, casts the vision, leads our staff teams, and is involved in fundraising and sharing our story with international audiences.

Thomas Keown


Former columnist and media professional Thomas Keown was a self-confessed skeptic about the value of supporting orphanages. His worldview was rocked by a trip to Kenya where he met Anthony Mulongo who introduced him to children living on the streets of Mombasa.

Thomas realized it wasn’t just about building homes or schools but about raising a generation of principled, educated leaders to break the cycle of poverty and corruption that afflicted so many for so long.

That challenge captured his imagination and resonated with his Christian faith. As a result he wrote an article about his Kenyan experience for newspapers in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, which generated such an overwhelming response that he launched One Home Many Hopes which evolved into Many Hopes.

Thomas serves as Executive Director internationally championing our work and vision and overseeing all areas of fundraising, volunteering and operations. A graduate of Queens’ University in Belfast, the Northern Irishman travels extensively to speak across the UK and US.

Senior Kenya Team

Catherine Kawira

Child Psychologist

Girls come to us severely traumatized and bearing deep and unseen emotional scars in addition to the obvious physical ones. Healing and recovery becomes possible when they are able to face and overcome what they have been through. In Catherine’s own words, “My job is to help the girls talk about the things that are difficult for them to talk about.”

Charles Randall Plummer

Headmaster, Mudzini International School

Randy Plummer has been in education for over 40 years and was the Head of prestigious independent schools in the eastern USA for 31 years. His style is deeply personal and hands on with a keen understanding of school culture, characterized by energy, fostering connections, and nurturance.

He believes that an exemplary educational environment is concerned with nurturing the whole child – intellectual growth, physical growth, social growth and spiritual growth. Attending to the whole learner requires a developmentally appropriate and rigorous curriculum with opportunities for academic growth, artistic growth, physical development and social development.

Eunice Ndeto


Maximum transparency and maximum value for every dollar is foundational for us. Eunice makes sure both happen.

USA Team

Sarah Brown

Development Associate

With a background in arts administration and event production, Sarah has a passion for live art and justice. She's been a long-standing Many Hopes volunteer and first visited Kenya in 2010. She is overjoyed to have joined the team as the development associate and currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband, son and pup. Sarah keeps our fundraising and our ED organized. Very, very organized.

USA Board of Directors

Maxine Friedman

Board Chair
Senior Vice President Growth, Bionic Solution

Maxine has over 17 years of strategic partnerships, business development and marketing experience at agency, startup and Fortune 500 companies. She currently leads Talent and Business Development for Bionic, an innovation and entrepreneurial practice helping the world’s largest companies launch new businesses. For five years, Maxine was Vice President of Partnerships at Clickable, where she was a part of the founding management team. She holds a B.S. in Journalism from California State Polytechnic University and an MBA from both Columbia University and London Business School and began her career at Cunningham Communication, a Silicon-Valley branding/PR agency, where she built and managed holistic communications programs for some of the largest technology brands - including, Oracle, Motorola and eSchwab (Charles Schwab).

Maxine, her husband, and two children live in the Meatpacking in NYC.

Daniel Grant

Staffing Channels Team Lead/Manager, Google

Daniel graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He is currently Director of Non-Profit Alliances at Teach for America, based in new York City. With his experience serving under-privileged children in South Africa and Namibia, Daniel launched our New York Chapter and served as Regional Director for our first year in the city. Daniel first visited Mudzini Kwetu in 2009 and fell in love with our vision for long term transformative change through the lives of the girls he met there.

Kathy Tunsley MBE

Board - Treasurer

Kathy was the first to join our board back in 2007 after meeting Thomas through his work with the Irish International Immigrant Center in Boston. Kathy served as British Vice-Consul in Boston for many years and was awarded an MBE for her services to Britons abroad. Her background in management and accounting was a valuable asset as our organization quickly grew. Kathy visited Mudzini Kwetu in December 2009 with her husband Roger and plays a key part in the transparancy of our financial management.

Tracy Wemett

Board - PR Chair / Boston Chapter Director
Founder, Broad PR

Tracy has worked at the forefront of the high tech industry for over 20 years. As the President and co-founder of BroadPR she manages public relations for enterprise, consumer, OEM and channels organizations. She has made numerous TV appearances on CNN, ABC, NBC and Bloombergamong others and has been quoted in USA Today and other publications. Tracy heads up our public relations and social communications activities. With a team of online volunteers who blog, manage facebook and twitter, she’s dedicated to raising awareness and broadening the Many hopes global community.

Alex Spiro

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Brafman & Associates

Alex Spiro is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He worked for the CIA and then joined the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Currently, Mr. Spiro works with Benjamin Brafman as a criminal defense attorney handling cases in both state and federal court. His notable clients include Mick Jagger, Dinesh D’Souza, Thomas Gilbert Jr., Jeff Tweedy, Thabo Sefolosha, Chris Copeland, Peter Beard, and various public officials. Mr. Spiro serves on the faculty of Harvard’s Trial Advocacy Program and has received several academic and professional citations, including the Albert Imlah writing award and the ACC Northeast Ethics Lawyering award.

Sue Verity

Board - Clerk
Director of Financial Analysis, Liberty Mutual

Sue joined the board as clerk after volunteering with the Boston Many Hopes chapter for several years. She studied Business Administration at the University of Vermont and has an MBA from Boston College. She works as a Director of Financial Analysis at Liberty Mutual in Boston. Sue visited Many Hopes in Kenya and was thrilled to meet the girls and see the impact in person.

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