Many Hopes is a global community. The part of our body in Kenya does the work on the frontlines if we raise the funds where we are. There are many ways for you to get involved:


100% of your donation goes directly to our projects. How do we do it? Our operating costs are covered by a small group of donors committed to providing the foundation for our work.

Donate Now


Launch your personal fundraising campaign

Give up your birthday, your anniversary, your lunch. Run, cycle, swim, sit in a tub of beans, whatever you want. Launch your personal fundraising campaign here and invite friends to give gifts to your goal. 100% of what you raise goes directly to Kenya.

Launch a school or workplace campaign

Raise money at your company or school: E-mail and we’ll send you our US or UK focused pack full of ideas for your classmates or colleagues to raise funds for a specific project with us.

Invite us to speak

Visions grow because of a combination of door openers and story tellers. We have a story: invite us to tell it behind the door of your company, church, school, sports club, social group, party, anything really.

Join a local chapter

Our volunteer chapters are the heartbeats of Many Hopes. Chapters meet together every month and throw parties, host events, raise sponsorships, conduct e-mail campaigns and do countless other things to make the work in Kenya happen. Join your local chapter with a monthly investment of $10, $18 or $25 and be the story where you are.