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We work with local partners to rescue children from situations of abuse, abandonment, and slavery. In some cases, this involves referrals from trusted friends in local police or government or neighboring NGOs. In other cases, it is a direct and often dangerous rescue after months of research and planning.


We help provide transformative care for the whole child (physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual). Our partner teams include medical professionals, therapists, counselors, and social workers. Children receive physical and mental health assessments and careful monitoring as they heal from trauma and grow in confidence. In some cases, children stay with us for several years. In other cases, they are able to be re-integrated into supportive families after a few months.


We believe that education changes everything. We believe all children should have access to excellent schooling with pedagogy that equips them to solve problems, not merely memorize information, so we provide that. In some locations we build schools, in some we expand and enhance schools, in others we provide scholarships to existing schools. But everywhere we provide rescued children with a path to confidence and college or vocation that can transform their lives.


By providing access to local and global networks of influence, we give children a vision for what’s possible with their education. Exposure to professionals in all sorts of careers broadens horizons and elevates ambition. Meeting examples of men and women doing justice for others focuses motivation. The Many Hopes community around the world donates their influence to advise and guide and open doors.

Then, in turn, the children inspire others around them with their testimonies: “If I can then so can you.”


You have influence when you know who to call and what to ask for and can expect your request to be acted upon. Children born into poverty often don’t know what their rights are, so they don’t know when those rights have been abused or what to do about it when they find out.

We change this through education on government, court systems, and policing, and with curriculum on:

Children go on to join or create anti-child trafficking clubs in schools, or to prevent abuses by sharing their knowledge in their villages so abusers can no longer act with impunity.


You and I benefit from the networks we or our families are part of: maybe to get our first job, or internship, or start-up capital, or college place, or something else.) “The key actor in human history is not individual genius but is the power of the network.” (James Davison Hunter)

The Many Hopes global community provides that network of expertise and influence and capital to the children we serve, opening the doors for them that someone opened for us.

We invite you to join this family.




We’re able to accept donations in the form of stock, government (including municipal) debt and corporate debt. This can be arranged from most brokerage accounts.

Please contact for more information on making a stock donation