What do we believe?

We believe that loving and educating a network of children who have endured the worst of poverty and exploitation is the best way to equip them to eliminate the causes of the injustice they and their neighbors have suffered. We believe in tackling the causes of injustice, not just housing the victims of it.

Turn the Tables

Nobody cares more about justice than those who have suffered injustice. If we equip children who have suffered the worst of exploitation with the education in their heads, the confidence in their bellies and the network at their fingertips to match that desire already in their hearts, they will do work we could never do.

Nurture Family

Cultivating a loving family environment is critical to the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual healing of a child who has endured great trauma. When children feel like girls in a family and not orphans in an institution, they will grow with self-worth, self-confidence and aspiration.

Instill Integrity

Leadership doesn't just mean political office. A network of principled professionals (lawyers, doctors, teachers) who remember their suffering and were educated with love and fairness will lead with integrity and will defeat the corruption that exploited them and their neighbors.

Be Patient

Defeating the causes of poverty and corruption requires many years of patient work. It requires quality homes, quality schools and deep relationships with local people. Impactful philanthropy demands daring, bold and relentless dedication. It does not provide instant gratification. It is not for everyone.

Be Sustainable

To be effective we must be self-sustaining. Our projects must generate revenue. We will ask you to invest in us now so we can sustain ourselves in the future.

Grow Networks

Networks get things done. In 20 years, our children will be a network of teachers, lawyers, mothers, doctors and businesspeople who call each other sister and brother and friend. Together, they will have the skills and confidence to defeat the causes of the suffering they endured.

Prove It

You should be able see the impact of your investment. You should know that 100% of your investment is used toward mission. With technology and transparency, we will make sure you do.

Don't Give, Invest

Giving to charity is good. Investing in a sustainable vision that removes the need for charity is better. We don't fear what will happen if we don't invest; we imagine what can happen if we do.

How did we get started?

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