Tell me a bit about Kenya?

Legendary safaris, the Maasai, the Big Five, and some of the fastest distance runners on earth. And, of course, the home of your favorite Disney movie, The Lion King

Kenya sits right on the coast of East Africa, bordered by South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and the delightfully warm Indian Ocean. Kenya provides free primary education to all, but pupil to teacher ratios can be over 100 to 1 and only 53% of children complete secondary school. Corruption in police and court processes is common and places justice out of reach for many of the country’s poor, especially children. 

What you can help us do in Kenya:

Nurture & Educate




Alice Kinyua

Passion: Preserving justice for all children, youth, and those that have suffered violence and injustice regardless of age or gender.

Honors: Alice was identified by Georgetown Law School as doing outstanding work for women and girls and selected as a fellow in the  Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) program in 2016. She spent a year undertaking advanced law studies at Georgetown.

Alice in her own words:

“I want to give children an opportunity to rise above the suffering they have experienced and be in a position to influence and transform the environments that have made them suffer. When we raise up different leaders we won’t need to do what we’re doing.”



Mary was orphaned when she was eight years old. As the oldest of her three siblings, she had to beg on the streets to support them. Each night, she would try and find a safe place for them to sleep. Some nights she was not successful and they would stay up all night to keep watch.

Because of you, we were able to bring Mary and her siblings into our care, give them warm beds, meals, and enroll them in school. For the first time in Mary’s life, someone was taking care of her instead, of eight-year-old Mary, taking care of others. In safe and healthy conditions, Mary excelled. She made good grades, especially in science and math.

Today she is in her second year at university and planning a tech startup to create employment in her community. Let’s invest in more girls like Mary.



For $60 per month, you can provide food, housing, and education for one child in Kenya.

This transformative care puts them on their path from injustice to influence. Click below to give now.


We rescue boys and girls from injustice and raise them to be men and women of influence through a 6-stage child development framework.


Trusted police or community contacts alert us to sexual abuse cases. Our year-round mapping of rural villages identifies children who are at risk of abuse. We first take the child to the hospital for medical care, then counsel them through the process of filing a report at the police station. We assist police and state to collect evidence for the prosecution and “watch brief” to ensure witnesses and evidence are not tampered with or bribes offered.

During their case, the child will stay in our safe house. It costs $115 per month  (approx. $1500 per year) to provide food, housing, education,  legal support and counseling. Many of the children need new clothes and shoes. After the case, we help reintegrate the child with a family member and help that caregiver support the child.

All children are enrolled in local private schools. This will often be the first time they have accessed education so might be several years older than all their classmates. We support children all the way to university and the influence that brings.

The greatest inspiration to every child is meeting someone who was once like them and has gone on to college and a profession. So we make sure that happens! We host internships and visiting days and an annual career fair; a highlight for the children where speakers from all sorts of fields come for a Q&A on their profession.

We teach all of the children about their rights in law, how to recognize and report abuse, and pursue justice for themselves and others.  We partner with two local organizations to provide mentoring and job and intern possibilities.

When a survivor reaches the end of high school, we provide college scholarships or small business startup capital or guidance into employment. They in turn come back to inspire other children to follow their example. The global Many Hopes community advises, guides, and opens doors to career opportunities.


The family is a global community of givers who subscribe to provide rescue, housing and education for a child every month of the year. Joining the Family is the highest impact way to support us.
Start your monthly subscription and help rescue and raise more children by being a member of the community we can count on.


We’re able to accept donations in the form of stock, government (including municipal) debt and corporate debt. This can be arranged from most brokerage accounts.

Please contact for more information on making a stock donation



Senior Vice President Growth, Bionic Solution

A Silicon Valley native, Maxine Gisinger Friedman has over 20 years of leadership experience in strategic consulting, executive coaching, business development, and marketing at consulting, agency, startup, and Fortune 500 companies. Maxine is Principal and Founder of Maxine Ventures and plays an independent C-level growth and transformation partner role working with Chief Innovation, Strategy and R&D Officers of some of the world’s leading brands.

A sought-after thought leader on building growth capability strategies and systems at the enterprise level, Maxine also advises multiple startups and is an active angel investor. Prior, Maxine was on the co-founding leadership team of Bionic, an army of entrepreneurs that installs a Growth Operating System that creates a permanent, always-on capability for organic and inorganic growth. As SVP at Bionic, she built and led the Partner and Services team as well as led enterprise partnerships for brands including P&G, Nike, Anheuser-Busch and TD Ameritrade.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Maxine helped build multiple startups (Contently, Syncapse, Clickable, Brandimensions) and always played an early cofounding leadership team role. Maxine earned dual MBAs from Columbia University and London Business School and B.S. in Journalism from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Maxine and her family are currently based in the Hamptons after 20 years in NYC.


Becky grew up in Texas and graduated from Baylor University with degrees in Economics and Finance in 1990. A former credit analyst and commercial lender at Bank of America, Becky stopped working in order to stay home with children, Richard and Layne. She met her husband, Rick, at Baylor and got married shortly after graduation. The Weldays have lived all over the world including periods in Switzerland, Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Saint Louis, and all over Texas.

Her extra time is spent volunteering with churches and other organizations and she enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.


President, John Hancock Financial Services

CEO, New York Life Retirement Plan Services

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Patrick has spent the past 25 years in the financial services industry helping companies and their employees achieve financial security. He is currently the President of John Hancock Retirement Plan Services. Pat has also spent significant personal time as a coach and mentor, helping young people realize their potential on and off the athletic fields.

He became a believer in the Many Hopes mission after meeting Thomas for lunch in 2012. He was a private donor and helped with fundraising before joining the board.


Columbia Property Trust, Chairman of the Board

Nelson has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate investment and financial services industries. He is responsible for overall strategy, operations, and financial performance of Columbia Property Trust, a $6 billion public real estate owner/operator. He also serves as a director on the Columbia Board. Prior to joining Columbia in 2010, he served for five years as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Williams Realty Advisors, LLC, managing and advising a series of real estate investment funds.

Previous roles included CFO of Lend Lease Real Estate Investments and Partner at KPMG LLP. He received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee and an M.B.A. from the University of Georgia. Nelson and his wife, Judy, live adjacent to Madison Square Park in New York City.


(X)form Coaching and Consulting, Founder

Joseph is an Elite-Performance Strategist dedicated to transforming professional lives of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity into realities of clarity, control, calm, and continuous improvement. He previously spent 20 years in the corporate realm, serving as an operating executive in both early-stage startups (including two successful exits) and large global enterprises.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his amazing wife and their two incredible children.

Nitin Gambhir

Founder and CEO, Tethys Group of Companies

Nitin Gambhir is the founder of Tethys group of companies.  Mr. Gambhir is also the founder and chairman of Oceanus Securities. Nitin has been a passionate supporter of art both as a collector and a sponsor.   The Tethys Art platform was created to promote his two passions: Transformative Art and art genre explorations. Nitin collects and supports Transformative Art that is unafraid, breaks boundaries and is likely to actuate and sustain innovation.  Nitin is also deeply interested in exploring the interplay between disparate artists and art genres and uncovering the connections that bind and connect them.

Nitin has a Bachelors from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Masters from Yale University. He is a member of the board of several charitable organizations and the Yale School of Management and Yale International Center of Finance. He is passionate about charitable efforts promoting art, education and governance.

Bo Han

Founder and CEO, Buzzer

Bo Han is a follower of Christ and the founder and CEO of Buzzer, a mobile platform for short-form live sports partnering with the NBA, WNBA, PGA TOUR, NHL, DAZN and FanDuel.

Prior to founding Buzzer, Bo led Twitter’s efforts in Global Live Sports Content Partnerships, and was responsible for driving partnerships with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and PGA and broadcasters ESPN, FOX, NBC and Turner.

Before joining Twitter in 2012, Bo started in the industry as a Global Account Director at Microsoft Corporation in New York, working with key and strategic global partners.

Bo received his Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and earned his MBA at Columbia Business School in New York, New York.


David Scott

Alice Scott